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How long is each therapy session? How many sessions will I need?

The standard therapy session is 55 minutes long. I do offer longer session upon request. The number of sessions you need will be completely up to you. I can recommend options and suggestions but you will always determine what is best for yourself. I sometimes see people for as short as 3-4 sessions and other times work with people for years. It all depends on what you are wanting.

How often do I need to come?

This is also totally up to you (I hope you're noticing a trend). I recommend weekly sessions when able (time and finances permitting) and then we often scale back to every other week as we work together. Some clients start out every other week which is also great. After being established in care we work together to determine a frequency that works best.

I've never been to therapy before. What can I expect?

Each therapy session will be different based on your needs. Our first session we will talk about your goals or reasons for seeking counseling, talk about your day to day life, and other important details you wish to share. Some clients prefer me ask more questions while others feel comfortable sharing on their own. There isn't a right or wrong. Therapy is a relationship so we work together to create a safe environment so you get the support you need.

Do you see clients for issues other than your specialties? Is there anyone you don't see?

Yes! I welcome all clients who are looking for support. Anxiety, depression, life transitions, stress management, career exploration, dating or relationship stress, or just wanting to safe space to process life are all great reasons to get support from me. Some issues may be better treated by someone with specific experience or training and if that comes up I will always let you know. At this time I do not see children under 12 years old or work with drug/alcohol addiction as a primary goal for treatment. If you have a more specific question, please reach out!

What if I start and don't think it's a good fit?

I want therapy to be a positive experience for you. I am always open to feedback and dialog if our session does not meet your expectations. I want to work with you to collaborate on creating the experience you are looking for. I also know a lot of amazing therapists who I can refer to if I'm just not a good fit. My priority is you getting the care you want not that you get that care from me.

Do you accept my insurance?

I do not directly accept any insurance. I am happy to provide a superbill to anyone with out-of-network benefits and I use the CPT code 90837. Please contact your insurance provider directly for questions about coverage and reimbursement.

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